Leading the Supply of Human Biological Material Solutions

Grifols Bio Supplies is a trusted source for human-derived materials that are used in pharmaceutical and diagnostic manufacturing, as well as in life science research. These materials are collected from Grifols' own network of blood and plasma centers in the USA and Europe.

Product Portfolio

Our materials are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, with different levels of compliance available, including EP/USP, GMP, and RUO. Our offerings include human plasma-derived proteins like albumin and immunoglobulins, leukopaks, whole blood, human plasma, serum, and clinical samples.


Our comprehensive portfolio includes different solutions for cell culture, cell therapy and pharma manufacturing, as well as solutions for IVD manufacturing and research and development.


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Our Principles

Our business is grounded on the following attributes:


Source control of all materials is directly linked to safety


We provide ethical, consent-based human biological material from the world's largest plasma collection network


Our commitment to our customers inspires us to maintain the highest standards of quality in our products

Legacy of Innovation

Our on-going innovation has helped shape industry standards in the plasma sector

The information contained in these webpages are intended for a professional audience of pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic manufacturing personnel. All products are intended for research and development and manufacturing usage.

Availability of the products are subjected to certain regions. For more information, please contact us

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