Human Plasma and Serum

Grifols Bio Supplies offers high-quality human reagent grade plasma collected from healthy donors for use in manufacturing of controls and calibrators for the in vitro diagnostic industry.

All of healthy state products are collected from donors who have an approved consent for donating blood. All donors are screened to ensure that each of them is in good health and that products are not collected from a high-risk population for blood-borne infections.The donor data provided are age, gender, race and blood group.

Human Plasma and Serum Products

Grifols Bio Supplies has an extensive collection of human plasma and serum products for research, development and manufacturing needs.

Source Plasma

Plasma collected through apheresis, a process that takes only plasma from the donor while the cellular components are returned.

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OTC Serum

Off-the-clot serum collected from whole blood and allowed to coagulate naturally without anticoagulants.

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The information contained in these webpages are intended for a professional audience of pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic manufacturing personnel. All products are intended for research and development and manufacturing usage.

Availability of the products are subjected to certain regions. For more information, please contact us

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