Research and Development

Our product portfolio represents an important resource for investigators at academic and research institutions since it provides human materials to be used in the research, development and testing of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assay or other areas such as Cell Therapy.

Grifols is specialized in healthy donor blood samples being also able to provide matched sets configured according to the requirements of our customers. Moreover, we can collect human blood samples and other biospecimens in a variety of different formats to match your research needs. Our samples are IRB compliant and are collected with optimum standards to ensure the quality of the product. Grifols Bio Supplies also offers Leukopaks for research and development applications for Cell therapy. Those Leukopaks are collected from European donors through our centers located in Germany.

Research and Development Products

Whole Blood

Whole blood is human blood from a standard blood donation. It contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets suspended in plasma.

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Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell and are prepared from whole blood by removing plasma.

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Buffy Coats

The buffy coat is the fraction of uncoagulated blood that contains most of the white blood cells and platelets after a density gradient centrifugation process.

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A leukopak is a blood-derived product, obtained through a specific apheresis process, rich in mononuclear leukocytes, useful for Cell Therapy as a sourcing material due to its high concentration of leukocytes.

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Blood Samples

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved blood samples collected from healthy donors.

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Matched Sets

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved matched sets collected from healthy donors.

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More Applications

The information contained in these webpages are intended for a professional audience of pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic manufacturing personnel. All products are intended for research and development and manufacturing usage.

Availability of the products are subjected to certain regions. For more information, please contact us

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