Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy aims to treat diseases by restoring or altering specific types of cells, or by using cells to carry a therapy in the body.

Cell Therapy Products

Human Serum Albumin (EP/USP)

Grifols human serum albumin (EP/USP) (HSA EP/USP) is manufactured from plasma originating in our US-based FDA and EMA approved plasmapheresis centers and is licensed according to EP and USP.

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Diagnostic grade immunoglobulins obtained from human source plasma in the US and EU.

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PLASTEM® is a GMP-grade alternative of human origin specially developed to overcome the limitations of some of the products currently used to supplement cell culture media.

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A leukopak is a blood-derived product obtained through a specific apheresis process, rich in mononuclear leukocytes, and useful for cell therapy as a sourcing material due to its high concentration of leukocytes.

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Human Male AB Serum

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