Grifols Bio Supplies Products Portfolio

At Grifols, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of human-based plasma products, manufactured to the highest levels of quality and safety. Our products include albumin, immunoglobulins and thrombin, plus other proteins. We also provide a range of plasma intermediates useful for many applications in both the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

Human Albumin

Widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as an excipient

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Developed to overcome the limitations of some of the products currently used to supplement cell culture media

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We also provide whole blood and processed plasma that can be used to develop and manufacture diagnostic tests and quality control products. Our diagnosis offering also includes testing services for hospitals, research centres and the biotech industry.

Donor health and patient safety, our top priorities

We count on more than 285 plasma donor centres in the US and EU to guarantee a reliable supply of plasma-derived products. Plasma collection is performed in highly controlled environments by professionally licensed and trained staff. Additionally, we perform more than 10 tests on each unit of plasma to increase quality and safety of the plasma source.

Our four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Spain and the US are FDA and EU approved and our products comply with the cGMP and are licensed in many countries. Additionally, we have the capacity to fractionate more than 12 million litres of plasma per year.

Our all-inclusive manufacturing process allows us to maintain the high standards of quality and safety for the medications we produce.

The production of plasma medicines can take up to 12 months from the time of donation to the moment the medicine is ready for patient administration. As a result, Grifols acquires several plasma intermediates and finished products that go on to be used for many applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

Grifols Bio Supplies offers valuable expertise in regulatory compliance

Regulatory requirements are increasingly more stringent, and registering biological products involves a particularly complex process. As a manufacturer of biological products that are in many countries, at Grifols Bio Supplies we can offer valuable expertise in regulatory compliance globally.

Our team can also offer you assistance in meeting with and addressing questions raised by health authorities. Please, contact a Grifols representative today to receive more information.