Grifols: high-quality service and expertise

Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing processes need the best product excipients, drug carriers and culture media. That's because only top-quality plasma products contribute to excellence and success. Currently, a significant number of products require albumin for these purposes.

Grifols: plasma quality from donor to finished products

Our Human Serum Albumin is manufactured from plasma originating from our own US and EU plasmapheresis centres, conforming to cGMP, iQPP of the Plasma Protein Therapeutic Association (PPTA) and fulfilling additional requirements set by Grifols.

  • Production processes and facilities are certified according to the FDA and EU regulations
  • Pasteurised, high-purity albumin solution
  • Grifols' Human Albumin is licensed according to both USP and EP requirements

Grifols: experts in worldwide product registration

Regulatory requirements are increasingly more stringent and consequently the process of registering biological products is particularly complex.

As a manufacturer of biological products that are registered in many countries, at Grifols we offer you valuable expertise in regulatory compliance around the world.

We can offer a single Human Serum Albumin (HSA) product that complies with the regulatory requirements of multiple health authorities, allowing our customers to streamline the regulatory process.

Let us help you overcome all obstacles standing in the way of a smooth product registration around the world.

Grifols: a partner you can count on

Grifols expert service guarantees our commitment to assist your regulatory staff in order to achieve product registration:

  • Providing documentation, such as our annually updated Plasma Master File, albumin registration data and technical support
  • Offering assistance in meeting with health authorities such as the FDA and EMA, and adressing questions that might arise related to our Human Serum Albumin (HSA)
  • Guaranteeing up-to-date registration and assistance to comply with each country's requirements moving forward


Grifols has 295 plasma donation centers globally: 252 in the U.S. and 43 in Europe (Germany).

4 fractionation plants are located in:

  • Clayton (North Carolina, U.S.)
  • Los Angeles (California, U.S.)
  • Barcelona (Spain).

Sampling and Ordering

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Albumin as an Excipient - Grifols Human Albumin Brochure

Download a brochure about Grifols Human Albumin for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Discover albumin functions, usage and much more.