Thanks to the plasmapheresis technique, we are able to produce plasma-derived medicines on a large scale. At Grifols, we are responsible for every step of the manufacturing process:

  • We perform more than 10 tests on each unit of plasma to increase quality and safety of the plasma source
  • All plasma donations are stored for 60 days before being sent to our manufacturing facilities. Once there, therapeutic proteins are extracted from the plasma, followed by purification and virus inactivation steps to further safeguard them for patient use
  • With our high safety standards, the production of plasma medicines can take up to 12 months from the time of donation to the moment the medicine is ready for patient administration
  • It takes between 130 and 1200 plasma donations to treat one patient for a year. Often, patients who receive our medicines suffer from rare, genetic and sometimes life-threatening conditions. In these cases, patients are extremely grateful to the donors who help them lead healthier lives

Grifols offers an industrial plasma fractionation service based on years of experience.

Donor health and patient safety are our top priorities. That's why we ensure that all plasma donor centres are held to the highest quality and safety standards established by US and European health authorities. Plasma is first collected from healthy donors in US-based FDA-licensed plasma centres, and then follows a fractionation process based on the Cohn method.